Chana Dal in Diabetes

Are you confused about which Dal to be consumed if you have diabetes? Don?t worry we got the best option for Diabetic Patients. Consumption of chana dal in diabetes prior to a meal could lower the risk of an increase in diabetes. This is recently stated as per a new study conducted?at?Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Hyderabad.

The Study

A team of scientists from IICT?has compared different legumes (dals). The comparison is?was done on the effectiveness of three commonly consumed legumes. There are mainly three legumes – Bengal gram, green gram and an another variant of chickpea.

The new study found that Bengal gram showed consistent results in terms of reducing sugar spikes after a starchy meal. If a diabetic eats 50 grams of sprouted raw Bengal gram or chana dal before a meal it will observe rise in blood glucose levels. This increase is due to the rapid absorption of carbohydrates after a meal. But as soon as we eat our food it balances. Hence, this study is proving the act of chana dal being a natural insulin.

The study was aimed at finding the varieties of sprouts which are most beneficial for improving the health of diabetics said Scientist Tiwari. ?We all know the benefits of sprouts. But his study specifically shows how diabetics can prevent sugar spikes to delay the onset or in some cases, even prevent the disease.

Tiwari highlighted the importance of the high amount of protein and presence of digestion-resistant carbohydrate in Bengal gram (Chana Dal).

Chana Dal in Diabetes and Nutrition

A protein-rich diet takes longer to be absorbed by our system. A presence of digestion-resistant carbohydrates further reduces the rate of absorption of carbohydrates into our bloodstream. Bengal Gram (chana dal) should ideally be consumed raw after germination.

Bengal Gram (Chana Dal) contains high nutritional value. Although Bengal gram (chana dal) is a close relative of garbanzos – Chana dal has a much lower glycemic index value and tastes sweeter than either garbanzo beans or split peas. It has an average Glycemic Index value of 8, which is very low by any standards. It is recommended that diabetic patients should consume low glycemic index food products.

Surbhi Jaiswal Verma

Ms. Surbhi Jaiswal Verma is a trusted Dietitian/Nutritionist in Noida and she has had many happy patients in her 2 years of the journey as a Dietitian/Nutritionist. She has done B.Sc. - Dietetics / Nutrition . Surbhi is currently associated as consultant Dietitian at Max Home Care in Noida and Mitr Hospital, Noida. She also previously with Care on Go. She is specialized in Therapeutic Nutrition and has completed in Food & Nutrition.

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