Diabetic Retinopathy-Vision loss due to diabetes!

The World Sight Day (on 12th October) is regarded as an important event on the eye health calendar. This day reminds us of the enormous increase in the blindness and visual impairment among st the vast population of the world. But, do you know what is contributing to this increasing incidence of vision loss?

It is Diabetic Retinopathy!

Diabetic retinopathy which is the second most common cause of blindness in the world is increasing every year due to its underlying cause of long standing and yet another most common metabolic disorder in the body called DIABETES.


Having diabetes since long (for more than 10 years), can put you at the risk of Diabetic Retinopathy which can lead to an irreversible vision loss, if left untreated!

So, keeping in view the severity and the spread of this eye problem, we have some useful information about this eye condition from a Sr

Kawaljit Kaur

Kawaljit is a healthcare professional with an experience of over 15 years in healthcare operations. Her last corporate position was Vice President-Operations at Centre for Sight. As a writer, she has an expertise in writing medical contents and those related to present healthcare scenarios for various platforms that include medical professionals, healthcare companies, web health portals, hospitals and at present also heading the editorial team of a healthcare magazine.

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