Breakthrough technologies for glucose monitoring without pricks

Regular monitoring of blood glucose is an essential part of diabetes management and many diabetic are advised to spot-check their blood-glucose levels several times in a day to reduce the risk of serious complications. But unfortunately, many people avoid checking their blood sugar as many times as necessary. This is primarily because they fear of frequent pricks that cause pain. Also, some may find the procedure cumbersome, time consuming and difficult to operate.

Hence, “wearable technology” in diabetes management is considered a next generation technology. It is a

Kawaljit Kaur

Kawaljit is a healthcare professional with an experience of over 15 years in healthcare operations. Her last corporate position was Vice President-Operations at Centre for Sight. As a writer, she has an expertise in writing medical contents and those related to present healthcare scenarios for various platforms that include medical professionals, healthcare companies, web health portals, hospitals and at present also heading the editorial team of a healthcare magazine.

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