Unexplained high blood sugar? Keep reading…

Do you get surprised with high blood sugar levels in spite?of following your strict diet, exercise and medicine regime?

Well, managing diabetes is like a roller coaster ride. And keeping your blood sugar levels stable is about maintaining a balance in that ride. Moreover, no matter how well you manage your diabetes, you will be still stunned with an unexplained and unexpected high blood sugar levels periodically.

So, let?s find out those hidden culprits to have better control over diabetes.

Mechanical causes:

These may include:

  • Hypertrophy (increase in size) of the injection sites due to constant pricks at the same site. This may prevent or delay insulin absorption. Hence, rotate your insulin injection sites.
  • Leaking of insulin from the syringe.
  • Miscalculation of insulin units by user
  • Use of expired insulin
  • ?Insulin or pump left out in extreme weather (hot/cold) thereby causing the insulin to be denatured
Stress (mental/physical) & Sleepless Nights:

Stress hormones lower your ability to make insulin and process blood sugar. Chronic stress due to occupational worries, family problems, sleepless nights could lead to such situation. Also, anticipatory stress such as boarding an airplane, examination, death in family, fight, anxiety, depression etc also have same impact.


Your blood sugar rises as your body works to fight off an illness.?Be it a minor cold or any chronic ailment. Infact, having cold, flu or any infection also adds to your physical stress which can further worsen the situation.

Medicines affecting blood sugars:

Keep a tab on consumption of certain steroids, birth control pills, antidepressants, diuretics, decongestants, liquid medications. These drugs are reconstituted with a glucose containing syrup or chemotherapeutic agents may cause a spurt in the sugar levels.

Morning Spurts:

During pre-dawn, usually between 4 – 8a.m., our pancreas releases a surge of hormones. This may temporarily slow down insulin secretion. In response, our liver releases more glucose into the bloodstream. For diabetics, the body doesn?t release enough insulin to adjust properly to this early morning surge of glucose. This results in unexplained blood sugar spikes.


Less fluid in the body can increase your blood sugar as the sugar becomes more concentrated in the body. You may be trapped in the vicious cycle where the high blood sugar can cause you to urinate more, resulting into further dehydration. Make sure to drink plenty of water and other suggested drinks that may keep you hydrated.

Menstrual Cycles/menopause:

Due to the hormonal changes that occur during a woman’s?premenstrual period or during menopause, the blood sugar may be impacted. You may require a hormone replacement therapy incase the occurrence is consistently observed every month.

Food that can shake up your blood sugar:

You may think you have eaten the right diet, the right way, but certain foods may interfere with your good diet regime irrespectively. And break your cycle of controlled blood sugar. Dried Fruits (packed with more carbohydrates), Chinese food, pizza, burger or fast foods for that matter (that are considered high fat food), high caffeine drinks (coffee, carbonated or energy drinks), sugar free foods rich in starch, alcohol etc can bring a jolt to your blood sugar levels.

Weather can complicate your diabetes management:

Extreme temperatures of hot and cold can interfere with diabetes control. Some may find their blood sugar creeping up due to extra stress on their system caused by unpleasant weather. Whereas, in others high temperatures may even cause blood vessels to dilate, which can enhance insulin absorption and potentially lead to low blood sugar.

A word of caution!

Your blood sugar levels should come to normal levels once these temporary conditions fade away. But, if you have long lasting or several such episodes of unexplained high blood sugar, don?t wait to talk to your doctor. Consulting a doctor may avoid any serious problem later on.


Kawaljit Kaur

Kawaljit is a healthcare professional with an experience of over 15 years in healthcare operations. Her last corporate position was Vice President-Operations at Centre for Sight. As a writer, she has an expertise in writing medical contents and those related to present healthcare scenarios for various platforms that include medical professionals, healthcare companies, web health portals, hospitals and at present also heading the editorial team of a healthcare magazine.

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