7 Tips For Choosing A Glucose Meter In 2021

Do you want to buy a good glucose meter in India? If yes, then stay with us we are going to provide seven tips for choosing the right meter because many people want complete information about how and what kind of glucose meter they should buy?

What Is A Glucose Meter

As a person with diabetes, the most crucial gadget you require at home or in your pocket while travelling is your blood glucose meter. Without this machine, it is complicated for you to manage your diabetes well, mostly if you use blood glucose results to dose insulin. Moreover, the blood glucose level readings also guide you on how food, exercise, medications, stress, and other factors should be modified to keep your blood glucose levels under control.

They range from basic models (that only reads blood glucose level) to more advanced versions (that offer features like high memory, compatibility with a computer for data transfer, painless features for multiple times use, etc). So, choosing the most appropriate one out of all the market choices is a mind teasing job.

Undoubtedly, the recommendation of your physician and reviews from other users may help. But, you may still have particular preferences as per your specific needs.

So, to help you choose the right glucose meter as per your needs, you may refer to the following tips;

Check for accuracy commitment

Blood glucose meters consist of three parts: Meter, test strips and lancet to draw a blood sample. As per the FDA, all meters must be within 20% accuracy of lab findings.

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Coding vs. No coding technology

Failing this, the meter may give you an inaccurate blood glucose reading. You may opt for “no coding technology” in glucose meters. Moreover, they are accurate compared with manually coded meters, convenient and easy to use, and time-saving.

Easy to use and maintain

When it comes to testing your sugar levels at home, you want easy handling in your device. Besides easy handling, it is equally essential that the device is easy to maintain. Find out if the meter has any temperature requirements. This is because in incase of extreme temperatures, sometimes the regular meters don’t work with accuracy.

You should only find and buy the that Glucose Meter which is easy to use and with the help of meter everyone can use it without any help.

Data storage

Some may record as little as ten samples and others may record 100 or more. For multiple daily injectors, your doctor may advise you to check your sugar levels multiple times a day. Others may test it less frequently. If that’s the case, look for meters with good memory storage and are compatible with your computer. Some meters even provide space for keeping records of your medications, food and exercise. The choice and need are entirely yours.

Gadget Size

Size is a matter of personal preference and requirement. Frequent travellers who need to carry a meter with them everywhere might prefer a small-sized meter to fit well into their bags, purses or pockets. But, for those who stay home most of the time, size may not be a consideration.

Also, older people with compromised vision clarity might prefer to have bigger display screens with backlit display to see in poor lighting. The backlit component even makes it easier for travellers when their surroundings are dark while travelling.

Blood sample size and result time

With advanced technology, the amount of blood required in the meters and the time to get the results has decreased markedly. Most of the meters use less than 1.0 microliter of blood and less than 10 seconds to display the results.

A big sample means more pain than a small sample because you need a bigger and longer lancet for a big sample. More so, for frequent users, every prick might hurt.

The cost 

One of the considerations when buying a blood glucose meter is the device’s initial cost and the recurring cost of testing strips and lancets. Everybody wants to buy something that suits their pocket but is reliable too.

If you want to buy the best glucose meter then you should only buy a company meter that gives you real-time results.

Final Words

These are the best tips to For Choosing A Glucose Meter because glucose meter is very important for diabetes person if you want to get more information about glucose meter from us you can comment below we will reply to your message.

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